Sunday, 2 November 2014


Do you think that famous people have a wonderful life without worries or problems? read this post and see the advantages and disadvantages of being famous!

One of the advantage is money, the celebrities are usually very rich, and money sometimes helps to make our life easier.  If you are famous you can also  travel around rhe world, know new countries, buy the best clothes or live in the best place...
Other advantage is that most of people love you althought they don´t know you, and sometimes a famous is able to change the life of their fans

On the other hand, be famous could be oppresive . Famous pepole have no privacy, and they can´t do ordinary things like go to a restaurant because people stop them asking for an autograph ( for example) or PAPARAZZIS follow them trying to make photos all the time. 

In my opinion I´d rather be... a common girl

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