Wednesday, 3 December 2014

We would do without Internet?

Times are changing and one of the causes are new technologies. Nowadays is very usual to see people on the street with their mobile from one place to another, locked in their rooms with computers, even exist people who use their mobile phone during a conversation with other person.
Social networks have become part of our lives, it has become a necessity for many of us. Nowadays is possible fall in love through internet, and this is a fact.
On the one hand, I think that is necessary to support technological developments because new technologies are being a great key breakthrough for our society. Besides, we´ve got in our hands the most helpful and useful work tool, the fullest encyclopedia, our nearest store... INTERNET! And the reality is that we don´t imagine our life without Internet.

By the other hand, I think we should be careful with social networks and also we should be careful not to forget the real world. Go out with your flesh and blood friends, and tell your parents how your day was when you arrive at home instead of publish it on Internet are things that we shouldn´t forget.

The education of today

Nowadays remain different ways to educate, it depends on the education that they have received previously. A education more freely include that boys and girls are able to chose their decisions, they can decide what they want for their lives and this is a great way to grow up and learning from all the mistakes of your own decisions.

I think we should educate our children for they become totally independent of their parents, I´m not saying that they have to live without their parents. Teachers and parents should teach all necessary things for life and they would have to put them into practice. Of course when they need help, parents have to be there giving their best advice, but always with respect, from child to parent and also, respect from parent-child.