Monday, 19 January 2015

The best place in the world

My favourite place in the world depends so many times of my moods. Sometimes when I need peace and calm, I think in a beach where I couldn´t see the end of the sea; with soft and warm sand. surrounded by tall palm trees. Maybe this beach or the beach where I pass my summer with my family in Águilas, it is a great place for me. It reminds me my childhood. When I´m in this beach I' m feeling like in home, so security.
But in the other hand, when I'm fool of energy I would like to go to a festival with people jumping singing the songs... It is great!
But sometimes...home is a person.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

teenagers and drugs

Nowadays drugs are very present  in teenager´s habits and lives. It is a fact that teens start drinking alcohol at 13 years of age. But the majority of parents think that their sons start with 15 or 16.
The worst of all is that for teens, drugs are  the mostly funny thing to do in their weekends with their friends; And they aren´t concious about how damaging can be the drugs for their health.
The cause which makes that teens start to consume drugs is that they haven´t found their purpose or their goal in life.

Teens that don´t have a goal, have more free time and are bored too. They aren´t interested in activities or they don´t look for something that could entertain them. Also exist people who use drugs to scape from their problems. They see a world without problems in drugs. When the effect ends, problems come back again; And it can be dangerous because finally drugs ``kidnap´´ you, and is so difficult to scape.

A solution could be reading books that help these teens to discover what they want in lfe. Is very important that parents have a trust relationship with them. This could be useful because they will see in their parents a support instead of an enemy.

Attend the psychologist, is other possibility. Everyone has problems, and everyone needs help, whereby, everyone must to go to the psychologist sometime in their life.  He could give you some advice or keys for your life.

Personal expiriences with people who has suffered this type of problems. Talks about drugs with anecdotes which serve to aware them. For example, I know a boy, who has passed the addiction of drugs, but he could overcome it because fortunately he found his goal being actor. He decided to singn up in a school of young actors. And now, he is fighting for his the best well-known actor of Hollywood.

We have to find solutions for our problems, and also we must to love us. Do what we want and be what we are... because after all we only live once.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

problem and solution

Nowadays beauty that appears in the media has made that we have completely changed the concept of beauty. We often see thin models, posing with clothes narrow, and giving advice about their diets.
This has affected mostly young girls more interested in fashion. Because unfortunately, this beauty is the Nowadays fashion. This can actually cause diseases like: anorexia, bulimia, eating disorders and above all have very low self-esteem.

One solution could be change completely the canon of beauty. Models must have a more common body, like the body of the rest of people. But this may not be sufficient because everybody must be very conscious. We are different, with flaws and virtues but different and unique. Not be necessary that you have to follow, like a herd of sheep, all that appears in our lives. Please be unique, be you!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

We would do without Internet?

Times are changing and one of the causes are new technologies. Nowadays is very usual to see people on the street with their mobile from one place to another, locked in their rooms with computers, even exist people who use their mobile phone during a conversation with other person.
Social networks have become part of our lives, it has become a necessity for many of us. Nowadays is possible fall in love through internet, and this is a fact.
On the one hand, I think that is necessary to support technological developments because new technologies are being a great key breakthrough for our society. Besides, we´ve got in our hands the most helpful and useful work tool, the fullest encyclopedia, our nearest store... INTERNET! And the reality is that we don´t imagine our life without Internet.

By the other hand, I think we should be careful with social networks and also we should be careful not to forget the real world. Go out with your flesh and blood friends, and tell your parents how your day was when you arrive at home instead of publish it on Internet are things that we shouldn´t forget.

The education of today

Nowadays remain different ways to educate, it depends on the education that they have received previously. A education more freely include that boys and girls are able to chose their decisions, they can decide what they want for their lives and this is a great way to grow up and learning from all the mistakes of your own decisions.

I think we should educate our children for they become totally independent of their parents, I´m not saying that they have to live without their parents. Teachers and parents should teach all necessary things for life and they would have to put them into practice. Of course when they need help, parents have to be there giving their best advice, but always with respect, from child to parent and also, respect from parent-child.

Sunday, 2 November 2014


Do you think that famous people have a wonderful life without worries or problems? read this post and see the advantages and disadvantages of being famous!

One of the advantage is money, the celebrities are usually very rich, and money sometimes helps to make our life easier.  If you are famous you can also  travel around rhe world, know new countries, buy the best clothes or live in the best place...
Other advantage is that most of people love you althought they don´t know you, and sometimes a famous is able to change the life of their fans

On the other hand, be famous could be oppresive . Famous pepole have no privacy, and they can´t do ordinary things like go to a restaurant because people stop them asking for an autograph ( for example) or PAPARAZZIS follow them trying to make photos all the time. 

In my opinion I´d rather be... a common girl

You´ve always be my hero

You are in all my memories, always gave me good advice. For me. you´re the strongest person that I´ve ever known, the person that I most admire. Persevering, helpful, intelligent and sometimes a bit grouchy I remember when you told me all your stories and adventures or when we listened Frank Sinatra, your favourite singer . I will never forget all the things that you taught me, I will never forget your glasses, your smile, your voice, your big ears... I love you grandfather, We will always treasure the memories of all the good times we had together as a family.